1. The use of the website www.tsantilis.com (hereinafter the "Website") and its content (hereinafter the "Content") by the user (hereinafter the "User") does not create any kind of right in its favor on plans , texts, photos, trailers, videos, other visual, audio or audiovisual works, elements, titles, images, graphics, names, distinguishing features, marks, logos, website design, the method of obtaining, controlling or presenting the content of the website, of the software and in general of the elements that appear (or in the case of software, are incorporated), in whole or in part, on the Website. The sole and exclusive beneficiary of the above is the company with the name "TAKIS MAXIMOS ALEXANDROS TSATILIS TOU DIMITRIOU" and the distinctive title "M DUE", which is based in Athens, on Perikleous Street no. 27, T.K. 10563, with VAT number 149000524 and No. G.E.MI 144326001000 (hereinafter the "Company") and/or any third party beneficiaries or licensors thereof.

2. Any copying, retransmission, publication, public presentation, translation, compilation, adaptation, release, presentation to the public, deletion, reproduction, downloading, storage, commercial use or exploitation, lease, sale, loan, grant and disposal is strictly prohibited to third parties with or without consideration, imitate or falsify the Website and the Content, in any way, in whole, in part or otherwise, in any form and by any means. Without limiting the generality of the above prohibitions and restrictions, by way of example and among others, the User is prohibited from:

(a) the reproduction of the Content for purposes that go beyond the purposes of visiting/browsing the Website or connecting/using it in accordance with the general conditions of use, in any way renting, selling, making available, distributing and in general the any other use or exploitation (commercial or otherwise) of the Content by any means and in any way.

(b) Interfering with the software of the Website or other software and security components of the Website.

(c) in any way reproducing, making available to the public or granting all or part of the Content to third parties, with or without compensation.

(d) The use, falsification or imitation of the marks, brand name and other distinguishing features of the Website, the Business, the Content and/or the designs/models of bags and/or other products presented on the Website (hereinafter, the "Products").

3. Intellectual Property in Products. The Products that are presented, depicted and viewed on the Website are protected by intellectual and industrial property legislation. The Company is the sole and exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights in the Products. Without reducing the generality of the above, the Company is the absolute and exclusive owner of all intellectual (intellectual and industrial) property rights on the patterns/designs incorporated in el.bags bags as well as on the bag designs/models and in general on any kind of other products that are displayed on the Website or otherwise are the subject of the Company's marketing either from the Website or from its physical stores or other authorized points of sale. The motifs incorporated in el.bags bags are protected as works of applied art based on the law of intellectual property (article 2 L.2121/1993) and the Company is the sole and exclusive beneficiary of all the property and moral rights of intellectual property (articles 3-4 of Law 2121/1993) on the above projects. Further, the Company is the absolute and exclusive owner of registered national, European and international industrial designs in relation to the Products. Finally, the Company is the exclusive and sole beneficiary of registered European trademarks and other distinguishing features related to the Products.

4. As the exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights on the above works/designs/models/trademarks of el.bags bags and the patterns incorporated in them, and the Products in general, the Company is the only one that can market the Products and exploit, in any way, the Products and any kind of intellectual property rights on them.

It is strictly prohibited for any third party to use, manufacture, reproduce, offer for sale, make available and in general exploit the Products in any of their variations without the permission of the Company and any imitation of them or any other infringement, in any way, of the absolute intellectual property rights of the Company Business on Products.

The production, manufacture, advertising, offer for sale, distribution and marketing through wholesale and retail sale of imitation copies of the Company's el.bags bags and the Products in general, and any infringement of the Intellectual Property Rights on them (such as the reproduction of the works , industrial designs, models, trademarks related to the Products), is prosecuted and incurs serious civil and administrative penalties against the offenders, in accordance with the current legislation on intellectual and industrial property.